• Dragons & Unicorns Week
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    Monday 10 August 2020 - Sunday 16 August 2020

    Dragons & Unicorns Week

    Winnings from the prize pool of 5,000 L.P.

    1st Place 2000 L.P.   6th Place 250 L.P.
    2nd Place 900 L.P.   7th Place 200 L.P.
    3rd Place 550 L.P.   8th Place 150 L.P.
    4th Place 450 L.P.   9th Place 100 L.P.
    5th Place 350 L.P.   10th Place 50 L.P.
    • Tournament table of 14-08-2020
    • Previous tournament scoreboard
    1 ALEX0*** € 1412.1
    2 IGUAN*** € 511.6
    3 JEENA*** € 401.6
    4 ILYAK*** € 330.9
    5 ZIG20*** € 256.1
    6 MEGAL*** € 198.6
    7 RDKLN*** € 102
    8 PARHO*** € 75.8
    9 VASEK*** € 57
    10 DURIL*** € 42.8
    1 GROZA*** L.P.2000
    2 ZIG20*** L.P.900
    3 ALEX0*** L.P.550
    4 JEENA*** L.P.450
    5 PARHO*** L.P.350
    6 ILYAK*** L.P.250
    7 NINA2*** L.P.200
    8 JAZZY*** L.P.150
    9 DURIL*** L.P.100
    10 MEGAL*** L.P.50

    Terms and Conditions

    1. Only registered users at ZigZag777.com are allowed to participate in the Tournament.

    2. The total minimum amount of bets bid for participation in the Tournament is 15 EUR.

    3. The minimum deposit for participation in the Tournament is 10 EUR, made in the specified time period.

    4. The Tournament is considered valid if at least 20 players took part in it.

    5. The Winner of the Tournament is determined by counting the completed bets only in the specified Slot. Betting in Live Casino, Card Games or Scratch Cards are not counted.

    6. The prize pool of the Tournament is 5,000 points.

    7. The prize is credited within 24 hours after the end of the Tournament.

    8. When determining the Winner, the bets are counted. Counting is carried out according to the time of the game server which is GMT + 3.

    9. Prizes, as well as Bonuses for Winning or participating in the Tournament at ZigZag777.com, are provided once for each account. An account at ZigZag777.com is created and belongs to one person, physical address, e-mail address, telephone number, device ID and payment account number (Debit or Credit Card, SKRILL, NETELLER, Visa, etc.).

    10. Any winnings obtained dishonestly will be considered fraudulent and invalid.

    11. In accordance with his/her preferences, the player may refuse to receive casino bonuses. To do this, the player needs to contact Support Team via Live Chat.

    12. If the player wins a large amount at ZigZag777.com, considered by the Casino Administration as worthy of publicity, ZigZag777.com reserves its right to specify the won amount in comments on the forums, on ZigZag777.com website, as well as in other media - for promotional purposes.

    13. Personal information of users is protected. However, the casino has the right to disclose the username in press releases as well as the results of winnings.

    14. If there is any dispute, the decision of the ZigZag777.com Administration is considered final and not subject to discussion.

    15. ZigZag777 reserves its right to retain the prize or the bonus if the player violates the above Terms & Conditions

    16. When trying to illegally get several prizes or bonuses, player winnings will be void and account permanently closed.

    17. This promotion is valid in accordance with the Terms and Conditions of ZigZag777.com.

    18. United States residents do not have the right to open and/or replenish accounts in cash. The Company has the right to change the list of jurisdictions without prior notice. If you reside any of these jurisdictions, you agree not to open and/or use your account on the site.

  • Daily drops & Wins
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    Thursday 2 July 2020 - Monday 1 February 2021

    Daily drops & Wins

    Please open any tournament game for details.

    Tournament games

    Drops & Wins include:

    Cash prizes of € 2,000,000 in total (€ 250,000 monthly)
    32 X weekly Tournaments with prize pool of € 30,000
    224 X daily Prize Drops with prize pool of € 4,600

    Promotion period: From 2nd of July 2020 until 10th of February 2021.
    Prize pool: Cash prizes worth € 2,000,000 in total during the promotion period.
    Qualifying games: Available at each Stage.
    Mechanics: Each Tournament runs for seven (7) days from Thursday to Wednesday with daily Prize Drops in parallel. Regular and Prize Multiplier mechanics will only revolve in 4-week period.
    How to win: Players need to choose to play with real money in any of the qualifying games.
    Regular mechanics: Minimum bet requirement of €0,50.
    Prize Multiplier mechanics: NO minimal bet required. There is no additional cost for players to participate.
    Winners will receive the prizes automatically after each tournament ends and after each prize drop won.
    Please open any tournament game for details.